Monthly Archives: October 2010

Crossing streets and backing up

Istanbul has a lot of quirks; they measure in the millions.  One of them is backing up: going in reverse.  I’m talking about driving, not dancing, for what its worth.  Driving in Istanbul is an adventure.  Walking isn’t really safe; and bicycling is out of the question. One of the many reasons for this is whoever’s brilliant idea it was to install a reverse gear in automobiles.

Every day here I see cars going in reverse for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. Once a week or so I’m nearly killed by a car going in reverse.

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Southeastern Adventures: Eric finally updates his blog

Peppers. They’re better than that you can imagine.

Last week* I had the excellent fortune of traveling to southeastern Anatolia with my good friend Greg.  For the next few days I hope to write about some of my experiences and thoughts from my travels.  We visited Gaziantep, Urfa, and Nemrut National Park.  My first entry focuses on the epicurean aspects of our jaunt.  And, let me say, the delicacies of southern Turkey do not disappoint…

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