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Crossing streets and backing up

Istanbul has a lot of quirks; they measure in the millions.  One of them is backing up: going in reverse.  I’m talking about driving, not dancing, for what its worth.  Driving in Istanbul is an adventure.  Walking isn’t really safe; and bicycling is out of the question. One of the many reasons for this is whoever’s brilliant idea it was to install a reverse gear in automobiles.

Every day here I see cars going in reverse for reasons that are beyond my comprehension. Once a week or so I’m nearly killed by a car going in reverse.

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Home is where you hang your hat, and of course where you eat a scrumptious shrimp poboy

When people ask me where I’m from I usually have to make a choice.  Do I give them the long answer?  Am I  from the place where I was born?  I’m always American, now and then I’m from Washington, D.C., other times my answer is more along the lines of, “well, I’m from all over, really.” In some ways I’m a Texan, I mean, I do carry around a Texas driver’s license.   But I’ve never been in Texas more than a few months, really.

I’m not blessed with a bonafide Cajun name like Boudreaux or Herbert, but without a doubt the place I most associate as home is south Louisiana.  It’s a fine place to have as a home.  In fact, when I read articles like this one, I realize that Lafayette is a place that I often yearn for, living thousands of miles away.  What I wouldn’t give for a shrimp poboy and or fresh boiled crawfish.

Hoş Geldiniz – an introduction

So, finally, I’ve decided to get down to business with this blog. May this be the beginning of something beautiful.

In this space I plan to write about my travels and adventures in Istanbul, other parts of Turkey, and hopefully -soon- Cyprus. In addition, I’ll link to news, good stuff, and whatever strikes my fancy, all the while providing a humorous and insightful stream-of-conscious commentary.